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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

Click here to book on line or by calling the office on 3344 1440

Do I have to wait long to get an appointment?

We can give an appointment usually within 7 -10 days. For urgent cases, we can see patients within a day or two.

Do you charge more than other O & G specialists?

Our fees are regarded as being very reasonable by most patients and some have even mentioned that our fees are lower than most when they made a comparison.

Does Dr. Khatree do the operations himself?


Who do I speak to if I have some concerns after my operation.

You can contact either Dr Khatree or the nurses at Sunnybank Private Hospital.

What happens if I go into labour and you are on leave?

Dr Khatree will always ensure that he has an equally competent specialist to stand in for him while on leave or at a conference etc.

What is the pregnancy management fee that all obstetricians charge?

The Pregnancy Management Fee is a fee charged by all obstetricians for management of a pregnancy which has progressed past 20 weeks. This is a charge that has been determined by Medicare (item number 16590) and is defined as “Planning and management of a pregnancy that has progressed beyond 20 weeks provided the fee does not include any amount for the management of the labour and/or delivery, payable once only for any pregnancy that has progressed beyond 20 weeks where the practitioner intends to undertake the delivery for a privately admitted patient, not being a service to which item 16591 applies”

It reimburses the obstetrician for being available for you any part of the day or night and the disruption to their lives this causes, as well as arranging appropriate and equivalent specialist on call cover when they are not available. This fee is not payment for the actual delivery of the baby.

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